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About Us

Bybee Foods, LLC is a full line IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) processing plant in Pasco, WA. We process and market a wide variety of frozen vegetables, including a substantial percentage of organic products. Our markets include North America, South America, Pacific Rim Countries (including Japan), Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Israel. Bybee Foods, LLC is AIB Certified “Superior,” Kosher Certified, and WSDA Certified Organic. Our products are frozen within hours of being harvested at the peak of freshness.

Bybee Foods, LLC Key Integrated Companies are a very important part of keeping our products safe, high quality, stable and competitive.

  • Bybee Farms, LLC is the core of the farming operation and the largest supplier of vegetables to Bybee Foods, LLC. Bybee Farms, LLC conducts planting, growing, irrigating and harvesting on over 8000 irrigated acres in the Horse Heaven Hills of the Lower Columbia Basin. Crops include green peas, sweet corn, green beans, carrots, onions and grass seed.
  • Clyde Bybee Farms, LLC is the primary trucking fleet for Bybee Foods, LLC which was established to ensure unsurpassed quality of Bybee products, fresh and frozen, while in transit.
  • Bybee Fresh Cut Foods, LLC and Bybee Produce, LLC are our two fresh onion packing and processing companies. Bybee Fresh Cut Foods, LLC processes and markets sliced and diced fresh vegetables throughout the United States. Bybee Produce, LLC packages and markets fresh (raw) onion varieties throughout the United States and Internationally. Both companies aid in the quality and efficiency of Bybee Foods, LLC by providing an additional presence in distribution lanes as well as crop rotation.